Black box is watching you! UK Online spy bill privacy threat

Internet privacy issues are again in the spotlight as a controversial bill is debated in London’s Parliament. Its adoption will allow the UK government to spy on what Brits write and post online.

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First Look at the UK Communications Data Bill first look (by F. Davey)

In short the bill is all about increasing the amount of communications data that the authorities can get hold of. It does this in two principle ways: 1 by giving an essentially unlimited power to the government to order anyone to do anything rationally connected with that aim and presumably proportionate and human rights compliant – though that may result in much time-consuming litigation; and 2 by widening the scope of people who can be asked to give up communications data to anyone who controls any communications equipment – in practice almost everyone old enough to own a mobile telephone.

via Francis Davey: The Communications Data Bill first look.

10 Main Internet Governance Developments in 2011

  1. The Internet gets highly political
  2. Internet governance moves to the premier league of global politics
  3. Clearer positioning of the main players
  4. A shift in Internet governance direction, from technology (IT, telecom) to political ministries (diplomacy, prime ministerial cabinets)
  5. Cybersecurity takes centre stage
  6. Online human rights come into focus
  7.  ICANN’s soul-searching
  8. Internet blackout in Egypt
  9. Avalanche of Internet principles
  10. SOPA (Stop Online Privacy Act)


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Protesters Use Spy Drones [VIDEO]

“The proliferation of drones throughout the military — and into civilian law enforcement — can make it feel like we’re living in an airborne panopticon. But flying robots are agnostic about who they train their gaze upon, and can spy on cops as easily as they can spy on civilians.”

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