Anonymous wants to take down the Great Firewall of China | ZDNet

The countless attacks on Chinese websites were apparently just a warm up. Anonymous wants to take down the Internet censorship system known as the Great Firewall of China.

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Internet censorship (by default) in Thailand

Instead of investing money for a better internet, Thailand is investing a lot of money in worst and slower Internet by putting a filter on every connection from inside Thailand, using the so called “war room”, a huge tech center in Bangkok suburbs specially equipped for filtering and censorship.

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ECJ rules in favor of Net Freedom and against censorship

Judgment in Case C-360/10 Belgische Vereniging van Auteurs, Componisten en Uitgevers (SABAM) v Netlog NV: 

The owner of an online social network cannot be obliged to install a general filtering system, covering all its users, in order to prevent the unlawful use of musical and audio-visual work

Such an obligation would not be respecting the prohibition to impose on that provider a general obligation to monitor nor the requirement that a fair balance be struck between the protection of copyright, on the one hand, and the freedom to conduct business, the right to protection of personal data and the freedom to receive or impart information, on the other.

Why privacy is essential for free speech to thrive

The revolution in freedom of expression online has radically changed the relationship between free speech and privacy. Traditionally, the two rights have been seen in conflict or at best balanced against each other. Yet it is now no longer possible to enjoy freedom of expression online without considering how to protect one’s personal information. Privacy is essential if free speech is to thrive.

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White House releases statement against SOPA; asks for refined legislation this year

It appears the massive response from the public has made a difference. Today, people are waking up to emails in their inbox from the White House in response to two particular anti-SOPA Stop Online Piracy Act — more about it here petitions with signatures tallying just over 100,000 at the time of this writing. Under no uncertain terms, the White House clearly opposes SOPA in its current form; but the anti-piracy battle rages on as the White House calls for legislation far more refined to be passed this year.

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Dehli High Court threatens to shut down social networks ‘like China’…

“The Indian government has sanctioned the prosecution of executives from companies like Google and Facebook for objectionable content posted online. Yesterday, the Delhi High Court warned that like China, India can shut down these sites. 21 internet companies are in legal trouble. Charges against them will include “promoting enemity between groups”  and “deliberate malicious acts intended to outrage.” Since some of the charges requested in court are non-bailable, the government had to indicate whether it agreed with the need for the websites to stand trial.”

See: Google, Facebook case: Govt sanctions prosecution over objectionable content.