CSIS releases: ‘Cybersecurity and Cyberwarfare – Preliminary Assessment of National Doctrine and Organization’

“Even with the limitations on available data, this preliminary assessment suggests that cyberwarfare has become an unavoidable element in any discussion of international security. Cyber capabilities are attractive as a cost-effective asymmetric weapon. Informational advantage and networks attack play a large role in modern strategy. Defending computer networks is a concern for many states. Most major military powers have developed cyberwarfare capabilities and doctrine and more states will acquire these capabilities in the future. Airplanes were once possessed by only a few states and had limited military value, but then grew into a key component of military power possessed by most states. Military cyber capabilities appear to be on the same path. This trend raises questions regarding norms for cyberwarfare, the obligations of states regarding the application of offensive cyber capabilities, and the applicability of existing laws of war and norms on use of force in cyberspace.”

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