Yet another Belgian mobile ISP censors the Internet

NURPA reported today that VOO – a Belgian Mobile Internet provider – voluntarily DNS blocks (dutch translation of thepiratebay). This comes after the news of Base – another mobile Internet provider – had blocked access to the pirate bay and related sites earlier this month as well (see reports by NURPA and EFF). In the earlier case, access was blocked to all (pirate bay related) sites  that were mentioned in a mind-bending September judgement by the Antwerp Court of Appeals (in which two of the major ISPs were ordered to DNS block these sites). The Belgian Anti Piracy Federation, consequently, sent threatening letters to other providers.

What’s particularly interesting in this new case, is that access is blocked to even more sites than the ones that were on the original list. Despite the fact that they were not bound by this September judgement, VOO nevertheless decided to DNS block all the sites mentioned in the court order and as well. So far, there have been no official statements (not by the private sector, trade organizations or the government).

[UPDATE: VOO has stopped blocking access to]

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