Apple’s decision on restricting access to UDID

Apple recently decided to block App-developpers from accessing the Unique Device Identifier on its mobile (iOS) devices.¬†Although generally seen as a positive decision with regard to privacy protection, it has an important drawback as well. The need for app-developers to identify individual devices still remains. And now that they cannot do this anymore through Apple’s iOS API, other ways will be found. This might promote the emergence of a whole new range of tracking techniques that could be even harder to control. Whatever you might think of Apple’s centralized power, it allows them to make very effective policy decisions. It might have been better if the company had decided to enable users to turn UD identification on or off for each app. This would have put more control in the hands of the user him/herself. Now, we risk to lose even more control and become more ignorant on what information is being tracked by who, etc.

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