Workshop on the pursuit of Happiness

The University organizes several workshops on what they call ‘personal enrichment’. Such as anti-suicide workshops, how-to-stand-up-against-your-parents-workshops and now: how to become happy…

CEDARS-Counselling and Person Enrichment (CoPE) will offer a 
workshop on “The Pursuit of Happiness” on Oct. 28 (Thursday).

Happiness generally refers to positive emotions and feelings such as 
joy, glee, pleasure, contentment, etc.  In this workshop, you will find 
out more about factors contributing to happiness. You will also 
participate in experiential activities that are designed to foster 

Join the workshop and explore the various ways of making your 
happiness endure.” [emphasize added]

I am not sure what to think about this…
Anyway, it points out that Asians have difficulties living a life that we, western people, (more or less) take for granted… . And it also makes clear a different mindset. Of course we have our bad days too, of course we can be unhappy. But do we really want people telling us what to do to become a happy person? I believe this too is an indicator of a different cultural/historical background. Western people are clearly more individualistic. I have the impression, and this is not an insult of any kind, that Asian people have less trouble being told what to do. What becomes clear in their lack of creativity. That is why the Government here in Hong Kong is currently setting up a project to encourage creative among students… . But than again the question rises, is creativity something that you can teach to a person? Isn’t it necessarily something that grows naturally within a person itself?

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